Monday, July 24, 2017


Yummyhouse Records was established in 2006 by Tobias Gebb (producer/composer/arranger/drummer). The company is committed to producing vintage live-instrument recordings that stand out in terms of musicianship, as well as audio quality.  The company was formed in response to the changing environment in the music business due to the internet revolution and because of the fact that this change was negatively impacting many excellent artists who were not getting a chance to have their say!

In this day in age, it is becoming more and more rare to find recordings wherein the musicians actually play their instruments throughout a song without heavy editing! The majority of music today is made by multitracking(recording each instrument separately) and enhanced with all manner of effects, pitch correction, and massive editing to make the music sound “perfect”. The “take over” by machines presaged in the movie ‘Terminator’ has already begun! Instead, how about finding musicians who are masters of their respective instruments and let them do their magic on the spot? How about recording music live in the studio so it sounds closer to what it really sounds like in a club? Indeed, these days this is a tall order but there are many fantastic musicians out there who can deliver on this goal! We hope that you will hear the difference in our music.