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Tobias Gebb 5 Star Review Primetime Magazine

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This is a test

This is a test

You know how it feels when you’re working at your desk while listening to music and suddenly your head is nodding, shoulders are swaying and hips are flexing? Well, maybe you don’t…and that is indeed a shame. Before the rest of your muscles lock up, some music therapy is in order, and this disc provides it. On their first mainstream recording, drummer Tobias Gebb, bassist Neal Miner and pianist Eldad Zvulun have created close to a perfect set. Storymixes standards like “How Deep is the Ocean” with original compositions, and includes guest artists Joel Frahm on tenor sax and Champian Fulton on vocals. Storyleads off with “Poinciana” which, for the first few bars, mimics the 1958 Ahmad Jamal at the Pershingclassic until Gebb puts it through a series of very smooth time changes. The first original of the set, Gebb’s “Brasil Bela,” is a dashing, tightly arranged bossa nova. “Cute” shows off Gebb’s impeccable timing and soft brushes. Billy Strayhorn’s “Star-Crossed Lovers” is a beautiful romantic ballad and Zvulun’s piano strokes every note lovingly, while Gebb backs up softly with perfect synchronization. Gebb’s own “Two by Two,” my favorite, is in a distinctly “Manhattan-at- 3a.m.” noir vibe — sultry and very s-l-o-w with Miner taking the initial lead. Frahm’s lush tenor sax takes riffs with ease on “Autumn Serenade,” made immortal by John Coltrane and Johnny Hartman (on the eponymous CD, 1963, now remastered), and Fulton’s vocals wind through and around the melody beautifully. Pull up a martini and listen to this one.

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