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Tobias Gebb to appear on HBO’s ‘Boardwalk Empire’ in Fall 2010

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Tobias on HBO set Coming this fall to a television near you! Tobias will be appearing on the new HBO series “Boardwalk Empire” this fall of 2010. Tobias will be playing a 1920’s drummer playing in the background of various party scenes in the series. The party takes place on the night of the election of President Warren Harding in the fall of 1920 at the old club Babette’s.

Tobias performs with the Vince Giordano band playing in the style of old 1920’s groups like The Original Dixieland Jazz Band or Louis Armstrong’s ‘Hot 7′.


4 Responses to “Tobias Gebb to appear on HBO’s ‘Boardwalk Empire’ in Fall 2010”
  1. Dave Blacker says:

    Hey Man, that’s fantastic. Vince Giordano is the real deal and so are you!!!

    Great work.


  2. larry says:

    Congrats! Dapper as bell, bro. Also loving the She’s So Heavy clip. That happens to be Noah’s all time face Beatles tune! Tto ya soon, my man.

  3. C. Gebb says:

    Beautiful music and a cool video. Emmett is looking so grown up and handsome. I wish we could all get together one of these years. Maybe it’ll be your folks 50th. meanwhile we’ll hold a room for you in the windward garden swim and leisure club. lots of love from uncle Chris!!

  4. meghan cary says:

    Way to go Toby! This is so cool! I don’t have HBO so I’ll have to get a friend to DVR it for me. Just let me know when I can catch it. Can’t wait!
    ps Hello to Roseanne and Emmett!!

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